Do you prefer to stay home because you are not happy with your overweight appearance?   Do you have trouble walking from your bedroom to your living room or from your front door to your mailbox?  Do you fear going out to eat because of small booths or unstable chairs?  Has a doctor recommended surgical weight-loss alternatives?

Are you looking for a low cost way to become healthier and lose weight from the comfort of your own home?

Before you consider surgery to help in your weight loss,


and see how I lost 191 lbs in 18 months. 

See how I went from 372 lbs to 181 lbs.

See how I did it with little to no money and no gym membership.  See how I went from being morbidly obese with serious Cardiomyopathy to running miles and being completely free of all medications.

You, too, can do this without surgery or any magic formulas, shakes, or pills.  You can become healthier and more physically fit while improving your outlook on life with this program.

Check out what some of the recent Move Your Body Transformation Program participants said:


Darren and Beth Bezzant

In 12 weeks, Darren has lost 36 lbs and 39.5 inches and Beth has lost 30.5 lbs and 42.5 inches!!

“The program helped both Beth and I become accountable to, not only each other, but in knowing that we would have to publish our weight each week.  Sometimes that was enough for us to decide whether we were going to go for a walk after supper or not!

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who needs a guiding hand in weight-loss. 

-Darren Bezzant“

Marlynn Bohannon

In 12 weeks, Marlynn has lost 34.5 lbs and 17.5 inches!!

“This program has completely changed my life!  It’s been 12 weeks and I can’t believe the difference that I feel in my body and energy level.  My days used to be filled with sitting on the couch, dreading having to walk up the stairs or really even get up at all.  My kids were starting to notice and it would break my heart that I couldn’t play with them for very long, if at all.

I can’t express my gratitude enough.  I really believe that this program saved my life and gave me back to my children.  I’m going to continue and I know I still have a long way to go but now, I feel like I have a way to get there. And I know I can do it!

Marlynn Bohannon

Patrick and Kristen Brigmond

In 12 weeks, Patrick has lost 13 lbs  and Kristen has lost 11 lbs!!

“We chose to take the Move Your Body Transformation challenge as a couple so that we could support and encourage each other through the process.  The entire MYBT experience has been so positive for us and has brought us closer together as a couple.  We have been able to share our strategies for success and to motivate each other when we were lacking individually.  Not only was it great to be able to support each other, but the MYBT program created a network of support as well.  Kristy Olds, the program’s creator and first participant, has been a wealth of support and encouragement throughout.  She would post suggestions, ask questions, check in on everyone, on a daily basis…never letting you forget that the ultimate goal was to get yourself moving and healthy.  We would recommend the MYBT program to any and all weights and medical issues.  There is a level of this program for everyone!

Thank you,
Kristen Brigmond”

 Valarie Olds

In 12 weeks, Valarie has lost 11.5 lbs and 7.5 inches!!

“I have had an eye opening experience to say the least.  I’m so thankful for Kristy and her story for being a huge motivation.  This journey has not been easy and I’m so grateful for it! I have lost 11 pounds thus far on my journey!!!! It was and still is a struggle for me in regards to consistent exercise. But on the flip side, my eating habits and food choices have changed tremendously.  I’m much more aware of what I eat and how it makes me feel afterwards. 

Not only have I transformed physically, but I have transformed personally, professionally and spiritually. This experience has made me set goals for myself and my family and strive to truly reach them.

My journey is not complete! Now that I am equipped with invaluable tools learned from Kristy and her Move your Body movement I will keep up the fight towards my goal weight of 115! Thank you Kristy for your will to live and be healthy which has motivated us all!!!!!

-Valarie Olds”

Are you ready to transform your life?  

You can download the Move Your Body Transformation Program TODAY!  This program is in ebook form and can be viewed through Adobe Acrobat (.pdf).

The Move Your Body Transformation Program utilizes three basic ideas:

Dream It!  Move It!  See It!

In this program you will learn how to set SMART goals, utilize exercise and body movement to strengthen your heart and muscles, and see food for what it is- FUEL.  You will learn how to read a nutritional label, how to shop for healthy whole foods at the grocery store, as well as which foods should be avoided at all cost.

This ebook includes exercise videos designed by top certified personal trainers, Zach Marcy and Tiffani Feathers, and is full of food education and recipes to get you started on your own transformation!  Also, available in this program is an opportunity to subscribe to Virtual Coaching from Kristy Bell Olds, the author.

Are you ready for a change?  

For a mere $25.00  $10

you can get started TODAY!  


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  4. Dana Tackaberry says:

    I cant wait to start your program, I am new to GA from CA and right now I am unable to work because I have Bells Palsy. I am 52 years old and have a licensed in home child care, I love this work however it does keep me tied down to home with little ones to care for, at 5’11 and 278lb I am in need of some motavation! as soon as I am back to work and can aford to down load I will do so, Thank you and congradulations on your new you!!

  5. gail mcgraw says:

    i am interested in your program will u sent me info….I am 53 and am in a severe weight delima, walking is becoming a problem lack of interest im 335lbs, and only 5ft i need help thinking about surgery but heard about this discided to look into this please inform……………….

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