As I watched a funeral scene in Brothers and Sisters this morning, I started wondering what people would say when I am gone.  Have you ever been to a funeral for someone and the friends and family do not have enough good things to say about the person to even fill a five minute eulogy?  It is sad!  We would all like to think that our funeral will be full of friends and family that cared so much about us and had such wonderful stories to share and that the “party to celebrate our life” would go on for hours. 

I don’t know what people would have said at my funeral had God taken me on August 17, 2008, but I do know that I am trying every day to be the best mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, co-worker, family member, and stranger-on-the-street that I can be.  I am trying to be supportive, helpful, giving, and loving.  I would much rather be remembered for the good things that I have done and for helping to change someone’s life for the better than to be remembered as mean, grumpy, and over-stressed. 

I think we often get wrapped up in rushing around and accomplishing tasks as quickly as possible.  We get very stressed out and often lash out at the ones that we are closest to, whether in the work environment or in the home.  However, we rarely stop to focus on what we want to be remembered for.  

I want to be remembered for inspiring others to take control of their lives and their circumstances, whatever they may be, and making their future brighter and better.  I want to be remembered as someone that is dependable and honest.  Someone who is there in the background to provide love and support and someone who can be counted on to jump in and help when needed. 

I plan to live a long and fruitful life and I hope that, at the end, I have gathered enough friends and impressed enough family to have a good ole “OLDS/BELL PARTY” to celebrate my life!

What do you think people would say about you?  What have you done in your life up until this moment that would evoke hours of wonderful stories and conversations?  Would people say that you were trustworthy?  Honest?  Loving?  Caring?  Would people say that you spent time with those that you love?  If not, maybe you need to slow down and make a list of what you want to be remembered for.  Use that as an action plan for the remainder of your life.  It is never too late to make the changes that you need to make!  (At least as long as you are on this side of the dirt!)

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