I spent Wednesday morning in a Time Management class.  I have been through this type of class before and I wasn’t sure that I would be able to learn anything new, but I was hopeful that the class would not be a waste of my time.  As it turns out, the trainer, through a series of questions, identified me as “someone who seems to have time management under control.”  He then asked me how.  I explained that, over the last 15 months, I have lost 134lbs (171lbs total) and in order to be a mother, wife, full-time employee, blogger, co-developer of a transformation program, etc and still manage to lose weight, I have to be a good time manager.  (Making me answer that question caused the class to mob me at break time and a 15 minute weight loss/fitness/healthy eating seminar was spontaneously conducted- no break for me.) 

After break, the trainer asked a question that sparked a lot more discussion than I expected. 

He said, “if you are walking down the street and you meet someone who can guarantee that they can tell you exactly when you will die, and that person tells you the date and then says that they can guarantee you an additional 35 years or you can sell back 10 of those years for $35 million dollars and only have a guaranteed 25 years, which would you take?” 

As the trainer went around the room I was SHOCKED to hear such a variance of answers.  It seemed to be that an older person would take the money, while most, but not all, younger people took the time. The decision was an easy one for me.  When the trainer got to me, I said, “Give me my 35 years!”  He then tried to bargain with me by offering more and more money until he reached $100 million dollars.  At that point, I had given him so many NO’s that he was sure I wasn’t changing my mind and he moved on. 

Wednesday night when I got home I learned that a good friend’s mother has passed away that afternoon.  As I thought back on my class and all of those different answers, it amazed me that anyone would give up time with loved ones.  I would never give up not even one extra minute that I could spend with my son, husband, parents, brothers, sisters, or other family and friends.  Life is so short and we take that for granted every day.

The point was driven home even further when my son called me into his room 45 minutes after his bed time and said, “Mommy, will you please rock me for a minute?”  A thousand things flew through my mind, like “no, you are supposed to be going to sleep” and “what is wrong with him?  He never asks me to rock him…”  After all of the happenings of the day, I went in his room and sat in the rocking chair and he climbed up in my lap and laid his head on my shoulder.  I began to sing the same song that I always sang when I would rock him as an infant, Amazing Grace, and he closed his eyes and began tapping on my chest to the rhythm of the music.  I stopped and asked if he was ok, because he has never done that before either.  He said, “Yes, please continue.”  I rocked him for about 15 minutes thinking the whole time that I would NEVER give up not one minute of my life that I could spend with him

I have lost a lot of weight over the last 15 months, but more importantly, I believe that I have recaptured a lot of time that I would have lost had I continued to eat and live the way I was living before.  I have changed my lifestyle and increased my life expectancy by quite a few years. 

After nearly dying and spending 6 days in the ICU when Drew was born, I would frequently tell my husband, “if I die soon, please make sure that Drew knows that I sang to him and that I read to him and that I spent time holding him and talking to him.”  I think deep down inside, I really didn’t think I had much more time left.  I haven’t thought about saying any of that in the last year.  I am now looking forward and I can’t wait to see and experience the world through Drew’s eyes.  There are so many things that I can do with him now, that never would have been possible 15 months ago, and I would not give that up for anything!

If you are trapped in a situation where your time is limited or if you are wasting your time with things that do not matter, take control of your life and your time now.  Please do not wait!  You may not have much time left.  No one knows exactly how many hours we have left on this earth, but we are in total control of how we spend those hours.  Take control of your time and spend them in the best way you know how.  Spend them with those that you would want to spend them with.  Spend them being happy and not stressed and depressed.  Make your remaining years the best that they can possibly be.  No one on their death bed ever requested more money.  They all wish they had more time.  Re-capture your time today and spend it wisely!! 

To quote Tim McGraw “Live Like You Were Dying!”

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