I might need OA (Overachievers Anonymous)! 

I got my 6 month evaluation at work yesterday and found myself getting frustrated that I didn’t get the checks in the highest category for all sections.  I think my judge could tell that I was a little confused for a second, so he quickly said, “I like to give just a couple of lower ones so that you have something to strive for.”  Well, once I read the evaluation more thoroughly, I got mostly all “Far Exceeds Expectations” and the couple of lower ones were still “Exceeds Expectations.”  I decided that I can’t really complain.  BUT it is still hard for me to accept that I did not make the highest in all categories.

I have always been this way…. especially with my grades when I was in school.  I always wanted (and continue to want) to make the highest grade or score that I possibly can.  I don’t think it is a competition thing… at least not an external competition.  However, I have learned over the last year that I am definitely competing within myself.  I set goals for myself and then see what I can do to achieve or surpass those goals. 

Admittedly, I have not achieved all of my weight loss goals within the allotted time frames.  Life circumstances and normal body fluxuations have contributed to that.  However, I have not let it get me down or change my focus.  I just readjust the goals and carry on. 

It is very important to understand, especially for women, that you will not constantly lose weight every week like you see on the Biggest Loser.  A woman’s monthly cycle plays a role for at least one week a month and then there is LIFE!  It is very difficult to be a wife and a mother and work a full-time job outside of the house and be able to exercise enough every day to be able to see constant weight loss.  It CAN be done, but it is very difficult and very few people have the discipline and determination that it would take to do that. 

That is not entirely a bad thing.   Since my transformation is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE, I have to be able to work all of the new elements into my daily life.  Therefore, not being extremely rigid is important to me.  Being able to take a day or two and eat whatever I want and blow my calories out of the water is important to me.  It is also important to my body.  It is keeping my body guessing and will contribute to further weight loss, believe it or not!

However, having said all of that, I still think I need Overachievers Anonymous because every now and then my frustration creeps up and I have to remind myself that “Rome was not built in a day.”  Overall, I think I am doing pretty well…. but I am sure I could be doing better!  (Let’s see what I can do next….)

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