I JUST RAN…(those three words alone will make some of my friends and family either fall out of their chairs or ask themselves who or what was chasing me)… 1.25 miles without stopping!!!   It was my first time, probably EVER, running that far without “having” to stop for some ailment- asthma, knee pain, lungs hurt, etc.

When I was on my way home from work yesterday, I decided that I would get up early this morning and go for a walk.  I also decided that I wanted to try to run a little more than just the hills that I have been running.  I miss my early morning walks and I had really forgotten just how much I miss them until I got started this morning.  The early morning breeze and the birds chirping and the quiet time to talk to God, I miss it all so much now that I am working every day. 

I was thoroughly enjoying my time out and had walked my first ¾ of a mile when I decided to RUN.  I was approaching my first hill, that I usually run, and I decided to begin running a little earlier.  At the top of the hill I noticed that I wasn’t winded so I decided to keep going a little further and a little further and a little further…. Eventually I had decided that I would run the whole mile!  I was determined to make it happen and, even though a thousand and one excuses entered my brain, I did not stop.  I was going to achieve this goal NO MATTER WHAT!  Thankfully the car that could have been my #1 impediment failed to stop for the stop sign and was out of my way when I ran across the street.  As soon as I saw that potential issue was gone, I sped up!  I was going to do this! 

I had about .25 miles left and it was up hill.  I have to admit that my speed dropped a bit and the thought of walking up that hill ran through my mind like a neon sign, but I did not stop!  When my sports tracker app on my phone called out my time… 13.34 minutes… I kept running for about 1/10 of a mile before slowing to a walk and CELEBRATING hard in my head and on Facebook!!   

WOW!!!!  I did it!!!

The overachiever in me was already setting up goals to run faster and further… (My mind never really slows down.  I told you I have PROBLEM!!) 

I also started thinking a lot about the movie I saw last night- Bridesmaids.  Very funny movie- definitely an adult movie- but very funny!  However, it had a very big message in it that I think is so important for some of my friends and family to hear at this point in their lives-

Life is NOT your problem! YOU are your problem! Fight back and fix your life!

(I am paraphrasing here, because I am not good at remembering quotes and I was pretty wrapped up in the movie at the time to try to remember word for word). 

Basically the point is this: when you feel like life is beating you down, what are you going to do???  Are you going to let it jump on top of you and beat you over and over and over again or are you going to slap it back???  Are you going to let your unfortunate circumstances control you and bully you or are you going to take a stand and fight back?? 

The circumstances in my life have been, in what seems like, constant flux over the last year, but I have to tell you that, even though I reached my bottom/my low, I was only there for a brief moment.  I refused to allow life to sit on top of me and beat me down.  I threw it off and took control of my life and made my life what I WANTED it to be.  I took my circumstances and made exercise fit into my life.   I forced myself to not take the easy fast food road, but to find and eat healthier foods on a very tight budget. 

Some people have commented that I “have it easy” and it “comes easy” for me.  I have to tell you, just like running that mile this morning; I have made it seem easy by fighting the excuses back every day.  I tell people that eating healthy and exercising is easy.  It is easy.  What is not easy is fitting it all in and the daily fight with LIFE to keep control of my life.  That is not easy, but you know what, that is a fight I will NEVER give up!!  I will never give in and let life beat me down again.  I will never allow my excuses to control me and keep me from achieving my goals.  We all have adversities in our lives, but it is how we choose to see those adversities that either makes us better people or holds us back- WAY BACK! 

My life is FAR from perfect, but it is perfect to me, because I have made it that way!  Decide how you want your life to be and force it to be that way.  I was told yesterday at work, “you are so optimistic.  You are not just a glass half full person, you are a glass brimming over person.  We will beat that out of you.”  You know what I said??  I said (to my Judge), “No, you won’t!  I have planned to bring the rest of you up to my standards with me.  It is already working and I plan to continue!”   He said that he was very impressed and wished me luck.   (I don’t need luck, though, I have drive and determination.)

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