When I got home from work the Monday after we completed The Promise Walk 5K, I wanted to get outside and walk. I had built a routine over the last month- coming home from work, walking, eating dinner, etc. So, I put on my walking clothes and tennis shoes and I went. Every day I went for a walk after work. I walked when the weather was gorgeous and I walked when it was raining outside. I walked… and I loved it! I also bought a scale that was a little more fancy then the one I had and could more accurately measure my hefty weight. The scale also measured body fat percentage, bone mass, body water percentage, and Body Mass Index (BMI). As soon as I got home, I opened the scale, programed my information (age and height) into the scale and stepped on…. I had lost almost 15 pounds. I was so excited that my walking alone had caused such a change on the scale. I had also noticed that my energy level was significantly higher than it had been just a month before. I was able to chase and play with my one and half year old son much easier. I continued walking every day and my clothes started gradually getting bigger. The wheels in my head started turning… if I could lose this much weight just by walking every day, what could I do if I started watching my calories….

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One Response to Exercise can be addictive…(believe it or not!)

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