Have you wondered where I have been over the last month and a half?  Well, I have been BUSY!  (But, when is my life not busy, right??)

2013-03-30 23.10.03In April, I officially formed MOVE YOUR BODY Transformation, Inc!  My dream has become a real corporation and I am ready to get down to business and help transform lives!

In May, my son graduated from Pre-K and registered for Kindergarten!!!  He is very excited to be finally going to “big school.”  (Pictured: Ms. Sarah, Drew, and Ms. Lorena at Discovery Point Pre-K Graduation Family Picnic)


May 2013 will also be remembered as the Month of Medical Appointments.  Between my yearly OBGYN appointment, my chiropractor appointment, my worker’s comp doctor appointments, MRI, and my physical therapy appointments, I feel like I was out of work more than I was at work.  I was literally at medical appointments 2-4 times per week all month.



On June 1, 2013, I participated in my 4th Promise Walk for Preeclampsia.  Our team, The Least Speedy Speedsters for Hailee, raised a total of $808 for the Preeclampsia Foundation!  (It is looking like I will be a co-coordinator for the 2014 Promise Walk!!!!) (Pictured: Michelle Taylor, Ellee Taylor, Matt Taylor, Emilee Taylor, Richard Olds, Me (Kristy Olds), Drew Olds, and Marlynn Bohannon)

big_collage_9104588On June 7, 2013, I participated in my 1st Coasterthon for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  I was so excited to be participating for a couple of reasons.  First, I was raising money for a wonderful cause- Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta!  Second, it has been over 15 years, I think, since I have been to Six Flags and been able to ride all of the rollercoasters that I LOVE.  At 350+ lbs, I was unable to fit on a lot of the coasters.  Additionally, since losing my weight, due to our back-to-back lay-offs and other financial issues, we have not been able to afford the $50+ Six Flags tickets and the high cost for parking.  When I heard about this opportunity on Q100 and read online about the ability to earn a Six Flags Season Pass by riding the coaster for 9 hours straight, I decided that this was the PERFECT opportunity for me to get back to the park that I love at a price that I can afford.

big_Coastertho_collage_91026158We got started riding the Mind Bender rollercoaster promptly at 10am with 32 riders.  With the exception of 5 minutes every hour and a 30 minute lunch break, I rode the rollercoaster for 6 straight hours.  Shortly after we completed the 85th loop at 4:10pm, the 17 remaining riders were told, despite the bright shining sun, that the ride was being shut down due to inclement weather.  We were moved to a staging area, where we sat for at least 30 minutes before any signs of inclement weather appeared.  After the rain ended at 6pm, after sitting in the staging area for almost two hours, we were told that the Mind Bender would not be restarting and they had decided to go ahead and give out our prizes when dinner arrived at 6:45pm.  A group of us were not ready to be finished for the night.  We headed out in search of a coaster(s) that was back open.  We found and rode the GA Scorcher and then walked to the Cyclone and rode that one, as well.  At that point, we had to return to the staging area for our dinner and prizes.

As the prizes were handed out, I had to struggle to focus on the many positives and stifle the growing disappointment within me.  Since we were not able to ride for the full 9 hours, due to weather, Six Flags decided to only give season passes to the 4 top fundraising riders.  The other 13 of us received 4 free passes, which we earned by riding for 5 straight hours.

As my Facebook friend responses indicated, when I asked how long everyone thought I would last, I was “in it to win it” and I WOULD have ridden that coaster for the full 9 hours had it not been shut down by the weather.  Not being able to earn that Six Flag season pass and meet a goal that was very important to me, was extremely disappointing.

I am so proud and happy that, as team, the riders raised a total of $14, 505.31 for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta!!!!!  That is over three times more than they raised at the 2012 Coasterthon.976041_542823609096588_1598516327_o

I was asked if I would do it again and I can proudly say that I will definitely add this to my roster of fundraisers that I do every year.  I will, however, always be skeptical about anything that Six Flags promises or offers.

I am now looking forward to my fundraising for the Light The Night Walk for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Let me know if you would like to join me or donate to this awesome cause!!


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