737076_318410074932295_229393623_oI pray 2013 is the best year yet for all of us!


Did you start your day off this morning with some exercise?

Maybe some cleaning and reorganizing?

If you are anything like most people, you are probably thinking about changes that you can make in your lifestyle to be happier and healthier.  You have probably made some resolutions or set some goals for the upcoming year.

While you are making your plans for 2013, I suggest that you focus on a few things.  These things were critical in my weight loss success.

  1. WATER…WATER…WATER: Your body desperately NEEDS it and it will be your best friend when it comes to weight loss.  It will help to reduce constipation and will help your body to cleanse itself of impurities and other detrimental substances such as excess sodium and heavy metals.  Work on gradually eliminating sodas- including diet sodas- from your nutritional plan.12078_566660423350668_645506444_n
  2. Daily Exercise:  This past year (2012), when I had my foot in the boot cast and then injured my back, I wasn’t able to exercise as much as I had been and I felt like crap! I also made bad food choices. I have found that when I exercise, my body tells me that it wants veggies and fresh fruits instead of the high calorie, high fat, high sugar foods. Daily exercise is the best way that I have found to keep myself nutritionally on track.530367_522622941091503_589875463_n
  3. Food/Nutrition Documentaries: Over the last two years, I have watched several food/nutrition documentaries.  The ones that have made the biggest impact on my life are “Food, Inc.,” “Super Size Me,” “Food Matters,” “Hungry for Change,” and “ Forks Over Knives.”  Additionally, “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” was eye opening for both me and my husband.  They can generally be found on any movie rental outlet, such as Netflix or Redbox.  If you think you might eat “bad” try cutting on a food/nutrition documentary.  I seem to choose much better foods when I am also learning about being healthy.The Four Food Groups
  4. Stay Positive: Focus on the many blessings in your life.  There is plenty of negativity in the world.  Re-frame seemingly negative situations and focus on what positive parts there are.  The world needs more positive energy.  Use yours to celebrate and “give back” for all of the positive things in your life.  Find a person, family, or organization in which you can donate your time and/or services.  Helping others is the best and most rewarding thing in life.  The two organizations that I am most passionate about are the Preeclampsia Foundation (read about my encounter with Preeclampsia) and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  PF logo









Above all else, HAVE FUN!!!  Put a smile on your face and dance through life with joy and amazement.  When you appreciate all of the blessings, great and small, and take the best care of yourself and your family, you will notice that you are just not going through the motions of life.  YOU ARE LIVING IT!

Use January 1, 2013 as your DAY 1.



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