You are staying on the 8th floor of a hotel that only has three elevators, one of which is not working.  It is thirty minutes before check-out time and you and your luggage are waiting at the elevator to go down.  The doors open and the elevator is FULL of people and suitcases.  There is not enough room for you and your husband and your luggage, not to mention the people that have built up behind you as you have waited.  You let that elevator go and wait for the next one. Surely, the next one will not be nearly as crowded.

What feels like five minutes later, the next elevator opens.  This one is just as crowded!  Where are these people coming from??  There can’t be this many people staying on the top (9th) floor who all want to leave at precisely the same time!  You let that elevator go, too.

At this point, you start taking stock of who is standing around you.  A girl dressed as an elf in a blue dress, possibly something out of Zelda, who is not carrying anything and appears to be healthy and able-bodied.  A couple with a few extra pounds, who are carrying small luggage cases on shoulder straps.  They also appear to be able-bodied.  A teenage boy who you saw running earlier to catch up to his friends.  He does not appear to be carrying anything.

Finally, the elf girl asks where the steps are located.

This happened to me yesterday….  it was completely ridiculous for a number of reasons, but most of all, because the seemingly able-bodied people who were not pulling heavy or rolling suitcases or pushing strollers were taking up room in the elevator that should have been saved for those who are not able to walk stairs- either for health reasons or luggage/stroller reasons.

Of the two elevators full of people, only about half of them really needed to be in the elevator.  Had those whose bodies are capable taken the stairs, there would not have been a wait at the elevator at all.  As it was, it took a good 10 minutes to get my husband and our luggage on an elevator.  I, with my hands completely full of pillows, cups, and bags, took the stairs.  Not one of the other able bodied people on our floor followed me.  I guess they continued waiting.

(As for the elf girl who did not know where the stairs were…..had there been a fire, you would have fried!  ALWAYS KNOW WHERE THE STAIRS ARE LOCATED!!!)

As a society, we are LAZY!  This disgusts me and makes me sad all at the same time.  Instead  of walking the stairs, even one or two floors and then seeking the elevator, if needed, we just stand outside of crowded elevators forever waiting our turn.  WHY???  Do we wonder why we are so overweight?  Do we wonder why people with disabilities or strollers/luggage get frustrated with us able-bodied people who take up their spots in an elevator or take the closest parking spaces in a parking lot?  Wonder no more!

If you are looking to make yourself healthier, take the first step….literally!  Take the steps!  Every time you need to go up or down, take the steps.  You will be burning extra calories and allowing those who can not take the stairs to use the assistance they need.

If you have more than a floor or two to climb, it will only take about two weeks before your body is conditioned enough to do the one or two flights without much effort.  (Trust me!  I do four floors multiple times a day at work.)


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