At 4:00 a.m. this morning, I woke up to my son crying.  He was saying, “My dreams never come true!  My wishes never come true!”  I kept asking him what he was wishing for and he finally calmed down enough for me to understand that he has some kind of dinosaur set at my parents’ house and he wishes he had one at our house, too.  While scratching his back and trying to calm him down I explained that dreams and wishes usually do come true, but usually not in “our time.”

What I decided not to tell my 4 year old at 4:00 a.m. was that they also often do not come true until and unless you take some action on them.  Simply dreaming and wishing gets you nothing but an empty hand and a few tears.  Had we known of this wish of his, we could have worked on granting it.  As it is, I don’t even know what dinosaur set he is talking about.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have wished or dreamed about something only to be disappointed when that wish or dream didn’t come true.  Many times over the last 15 years I have wished that I was a skinny person and I wished that I had a million dollars.  How many of those times did I take action and make my wishes and dreams come true?  ZERO!

My most recent wish or dream was to get my skin removal surgery by the end of this year.  Specifically, to have the upper body done today, on my 36th birthday.  Obviously, that is NOT happening.  Not for a lack of trying on my part, though.  I took all of the steps that I could take, but, as I have learned so well over the last two years, nothing happens in my time, but all things happen in God’s time.

I am not in control of the clock.  As much as I wish I was, I have learned that I can not control when we are laid-off from our jobs, I can not control when we receive new job offers, I can not control the weather and its effect on life, I can not control when people are born and when people die, I can not control other people’s opinions, beliefs, and actions….

…BUT what I CAN control is ME!  I can control my opinions, my beliefs, my actions.  I can control my reactions to situations.  I can control how I treat my body.  I can control what I put in my body.  I can control how I am portrayed to the world and my influence on the world.  I can control how much effort I put into making my wishes and dreams a reality.

I have learned that wishes and dreams in my head are fine, but until I convey those wishes and dreams to others, the likelihood of them just “happening to me” is pretty slim.  I have to turn my wishes and dreams into goals and objectives and develop a plan to achieve those goals.  Then I have to stick with the plan and ask others for help, if needed.

This whole realization is what has driven my weight loss and my passion to help others.  I have learned to take control of what I have control over…MYSELF!  I can not make anyone else do anything.  They have to want to do it, believe that they can do it, and take full control over what they can control or it will never happen.

To those who have wishes and dreams that you think are never coming true, what action have you taken to obtain your wishes and dreams?  Thoughts are nothing more than that until and unless you do something towards making them a reality.

Don’t know where to start??  ASK ME!

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