On this, your 4th birthday, I am preparing to spend part of the day with you at Pre-K!  I am excited to get to experience your world and see what school is like through your eyes.  I have thoroughly enjoyed our last 4 years together.  Yes, even those times like we had yesterday when your need for independence and your drive to do things “your way” stresses me to my limits.  I understand that it is in those moments that we both grow.  You as a child and me as a parent.

I want to praise your for the incredible amount of growth you have shown over the last year.  You have developed into a well-behaved (most days), well-mannered, kind, strong-willed, honest, helpful, and caring child.  You are an ambassador for our family to the world.  You never meet a stranger and you are always willing to talk to and help anyone.  Your heart is a as big as your head and you get the most enjoyment out of taking care of someone or something.  You are wise beyond your years and you amaze your father and I on a daily basis.

I also want to tell you how proud I am of you.  This year you have accomplished potty training!!!  You have joined a Pre-K church class, where you have gained a wealth of knowledge already about the Bible and God.  You have also joined a choir at church and I can’t wait to see your performances over the next year.  You are reading books and signs and anything else with words.  You know far more about dinosaurs and trains than I have ever known and, thanks to The Electric Company, you are quickly learning more about the English language than I know.

I love our evening walks and runs together and I love it even more that you so desperately do not want me to go without you.  I love that you talk about food as it giving you energy and your focus is never on eating everything that you can fit in your mouth.  When you beg me to let you play The Biggest Loser Xbox Kinect game, I am secretly proud.

I can’t wait for this next year and to see all of the growth and changes that are yet to come!

You Daddy and I love you very much!

Happy Birthday, Buddy!




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