The church sermon yesterday was on a topic that I have recently faced head on….”What do you want me to do?”  The idea being…have you asked God what his plan is for you?  Have you asked God to show you what it is that you are supposed to be doing?  More than that, have you opened your ears and listened to the answer and are you willing to act on the answer and move your life in the direction that He has chosen for you?

For 97% of the people that I know, I am guessing that the answer is no.  Until 2010 when I was laid-off of work and was having a difficult time finding another job, I had never asked the open ended question.  Until then, I had always treated God like I treat my son…given Him two choices, both of which I was ok with and asked God to choose which of my two choices He would have me do.  I had not been willing to listen to an answer that was outside of my two chosen options.

In 2010, however, while on one of my many walks, I prayed, “Dear God, PLEASE show me what You want me to do.  PLEASE show me what path You want my life to follow.”  I prayed and I walked.  My prayer quickly, as it often did, lead to lots of thoughts and wheels turning in my head about things I could do.  By the end of that walk, I had begun the basic plans for my Move Your Body Transformation Program and my desire and drive to do charitable ventures was stronger than ever.

I believe that God answered my question with “HELP PEOPLE.”  Despite being at the lowest financial point I had ever been in, I began to act on the answer that I was given.  I began signing up for 5K walks and raising money for charities.  I also renewed my commitment to giving back to others instead of collecting for myself.  (As many of you know, we ask every year that guests to Drew’s birthday party, instead of bringing him presents, bring new pajamas and books that are donated to The Pajama Program for children in foster care. This year we will add school supplies and book bags to our request that we will give to homeless children.)

I have also written my Move Your Body Transformation Program.  As soon as some marketing issues are worked out, I will be ready to help people in a whole different direction.  I will begin helping people who are severely overweight and obese to transform their lives into one that is healthier and more positive.  I also plan, at some point, to begin working with kids and schools on food education.

I have a lot of big plans that have spewed forth since being given my calling from God and I am ready to act on them!  I am here and willing to help all of those who ask.  Bring me your questions and requests and I will do whatever I can to help you find your answers.

However, if you are still searching for your calling, all you have to do is earnestly ask God, be open to hear His answer, and be willing to act on that answer.  Associate Pastor Brian Ridgedell said, “God does not call the qualified.  He qualifies the called.”  I am here as a testimony to that message.

What brilliance have you been called to do?  What awesome work has God chosen you for?  If you don’t know, JUST ASK!

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