As I was running down the field kicking a soccer ball and playing “Take It From Me”* with my son, I heard the coach laugh at how fast my son and I were running.  During a water break, I told my husband that he should be on the field for all of the running activities.  He started to get up and I told him that I was just kidding.  To my own amazement, I really was fine.  I was not winded at all despite running a complete soccer field a couple of times and pretty quickly, I might add.

My son is taking a soccer class for 3 and 4 year olds.  During the first two classes, I was still wearing the air cast boot on my right foot and had to sit on the bleachers and watch.  I HATED having to sit out and watch all of the other kids and parents playing and practicing soccer skills.  There were several times when I considered walking onto the field and standing on the sidelines.  There were also several times in the second practice when my son ran off the field and came to sit with me.  It was a struggle to get him to finish that practice.  It was becoming clear that he wanted me to be on the field as much as I wanted to be there.

By the third practice, my boot was off and I was determined to go on the field.  The remaining pain in my foot was a mere annoyance because I was finally kicking a ball around with my son.  Yesterday was practice number four.  With the exception of a few “fast water breaks to get super speed” while I waited in line for his next turn, he did a great job of staying on the field and participating in practice.  We had FUN, too!  The drills were fun and fast paced and the kids, for the most part, all seemed to be having a great time.

By the time we got home, I had begun to reflect on where I was physically 2 years ago.  I could have NEVER played “Take It From Me”* and kept up with my son as he ran and kicked all over the field.  Two years ago, I would have been happy to sit on the sidelines and I would have never even attempted to get on the field with the other parents and participate.  I would have made excuses when my son begged me to come on the field or I would have said that I was too tired to even go to the class.  I would have missed a huge opportunity to have a great time and bond with my son.

However, 2 years ago, I made a commitment to myself.  I decided that I would LIVE life instead of watch it from the sidelines.  I decided that I would be able to keep up with my son, no matter what, not only to be able to protect him, but also to be able to participate in life with him.  I decided that the fat and excessive weight had to go and I was going to handle it myself.  Two years later, I have accomplished everything that I set out to accomplish.  Despite the deflated balloon look of the hanging skin all over my body, I feel as good as I have ever felt and I felt truly FREE of the weight as I sprinted down the field, laughing and playing with my son.

I can’t express in words just how wonderful the feeling was and how emotional it makes me to think about how much I would be missing out on had I not made the commitment to make a change.  If you are hiding behind excessive weight, please make a commitment to yourself to loss that weight and LIVE life.  Do not let your life run by while you watch from the sidelines.  There is so much fun out there for you to experience and enjoy.  Decide today that your life is too valuable to miss out on.  Make a change!

As always, I am here and willing to help!  Just ask!

*“Take It From Me” is a game where one of us is dribbling the soccer ball and the other one is trying to take it.*

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