Anyone who knows me would tell you that I MIGHT have a touch of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).  While change is not usually a problem for me, assuming that I am either part of the planning for the change or I am given a specific set of directions to follow to implement the change, change that I have not planned for will throw me off for a period of time.  I definitely have certain, uniform ways that I like to see things done.    For example, before stapling my papers, I prefer to make sure that all of the edges of the papers line up perfectly.  All of the court orders prepared by me will generally look the same.  The heading will be the same on every order with only the case specific information being changed.  When I was the Clerk of Court, I gave my Deputy Clerks specific information about where and how to stamp the orders or
documents “filed.”  My groceries are in the same basic place in the refrigerator and pantry every time.  In other words, I expect things to be uniform- in the same place and the same basic way every time.

We decided to get our carpets cleaned for the first time since Drew was born three and half years ago.  The cleaning company was scheduled to come yesterday morning, Valentine’s Day.  In preparation for the cleaners to come, we moved all of the small, moveable furniture off of the floor.  Most of the tables, chairs, and toys from the living room had to be moved into the kitchen-
including my recumbent bike.

For some reason, in my mind, I figured that the furniture being displaced would only be temporary and everything would be back to normal when I got home from work last evening.  HA!  HA!! HA!!!!  No such luck!  I never considered the LONG amount of time that it would take for the carpet to dry before the furniture could be replaced on the carpet.  Had I thought of this, I
would have STRONGLY suggested that we find somewhere, anywhere to eat dinner besides in our kitchen….

As it was, when I got home and thought about having to put together dinner and eat in the condition that my kitchen was in, it sent my OCD into overdrive and I was very agitated.  I
ended up eating while sitting, with my son, on the floor between the wall and his train table.  (NOT the way I envisioned spending my Valentine’s Day dinner.) 

Normally, on days that I cannot walk outside for whatever reason before dinner, I will ride my bike after dinner to get my normal daily exercise in.  As you can see in the first picture, my bike was wedged between the wall and my recliner.  Therefore, riding my bike was not a  possibility….only adding to my self-diagnosed OCD anxiety.

As a result, I ended up going to bed early (8:15 p.m.) and getting lots of rest, which my body probably really needed.  Today is a NEW day!  When I get home from work today, I will put
my world back into its state of normalcy and all will be right again.

If you have someone in your life who thrives on “order,” a major shift in their routine or surroundings could really throw them off (and cause you to ask, “WHAT is your problem?”)… if possible, be sensitive to this and beware!

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