Why is it that skinny people (you know, the ones born that way) don’t have to exercise at all and they can eat everything they want?  WHY?

Well, I was thinking about this question on my way home from work this past week and it occurred to me why all of those fad and nationally recognized diets that I had tried in the past didn’t keep the weight off long term….the answer is….I am NOT a lucky skinny person who was born with a high metabolism.  After losing weight on those other diets, I would get down to the size of my naturally skinny friends and in my head I thought I was just like them. Little did I realize (or recognize), that I am as far from them as I can be.  I am a naturally big person.  My body will naturally put on weight if I eat junk and/ or too much of any food and do not exercise.  My body will NEVER be like the naturally skinny people.

For the remainder of my life, I will have to think about and account for every single bite that goes into my mouth and I will have to find a way to always work exercise into my day.  It is just a fact of life.  Yes, my naturally big friends, in order for us to be and maintain a healthy weight
and body, we will have to focus on our food intake and calorie burn for the rest of our lives.  That is the secret to maintaining significant weight loss.  Realize that you have to make a food and activity lifestyle shift.  Food and exercise have to become front and center in your brain EVERY DAY! Otherwise, when you begin to think you are just like your skinny friends and start eating all of the junk and large quantities of food again and stop being active, the weight will creep back on and on and on until you have gained twice as much as you had lost to become that “skinny person.”

I am not saying this to discourage anyone from losing weight and becoming healthier, but I wanted to share with you the insight that I didn’t have in the past.   The insight that could have saved me from 15 years of being overweight….I lost a bunch of weight once (in high school) and
then by the end of college it was coming back with lots of pounds that I had never seen before and they just kept coming… the more McDonald’s Double Cheeseburgers that went into my mouth, the more pounds that found homes on my belly and thighs… and face and back and…..you get the picture.  Before I knew it I was 372 lbs.  WHOA!…..WHOA!

Now that I have worked hard to rid myself of those pesky pounds, I am determined that I will never house them and their friends ever again.  Never!  I want the same thing for you.  Lose that weight and make exercise and nutrition a key focus in the rest of your life. We may never be able to eat and lay around like our naturally skinny friends, but we can certainly enjoy life and look like one of them!   Let’s do it!

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