My son received his Elf on the Shelf today!  As I stepped out of the shower and reached for my towel, my three year old came running through my bedroom and busted into my bathroom yelling, “MOMMY!!!  MOMMY!!!”  I grabbed my towel and asked him what was going on.  He said, “I got an Elf on the Shelf!”  He said that I had to come with him right away and see.  He also told me as we ran (me, wrapped in a towel dripping wet) that her name was Juliet.  I think, since we watched Gnomeo and Juliet last weekend, he thought the elf looked like a red gnome, thus naming her Juliet.  We read her book together and learned the rules.  He had a very good
day following his discovery of Juliet and the one time that he did get in trouble, we heard him in his room crying and saying, “Now, I will never get any presents!”  We will see how Day 2 goes….

This concept had me thinking this morning as I walked my 3.83 miles in the drizzling rain and sometimes strong winds.  Why do we, as adults, often need to be accountable to someone else in order to better ourselves?  Why can’t we do better for ourselves just because we want to and why can’t we be accountable only to ourselves and God??  Why do so many people feel that they have to turn to the nationally recognized diet programs that require you to weigh-in in
front of one or a group of people every week??  Once they have completed those programs and there is no longer anyone to be accountable to, some people find themselves going back to their old ways and the weight returns in mass.

Having traveled the road as a morbidly obese person and having made a u-turn in the middle of that road completely against what my GPS and all other navigation devices would have recommended, I wonder why others cannot or will not take ownership of themselves and their bodies.  I wonder why others cannot or will not either accept the way they are- obese, skinny, or somewhere in the middle- and be happy or decide that, come Hell or high water (as my mother would say), they WILL stop complaining and make a change- a change for themselves and no one else.  Why do people choose to live in torment?  Why do people choose to portray themselves as a victim of their own body?

Psst….I’ll tell you a secret…  You are NOT a victim of your body.  You are a victim of your mind.  You are allowing your mind and your eyes to make decisions that are contrary to what you say you want.  You are not focusing on your goal.  Instead, you are allowing yourself to stray
from the intending purpose, making you frustrated and upset.

Why do you let yourself make yourself frustrated and upset????  (That question even sounds
weird.)  But it is true!  You control you and only you.  You always have a choice to make and you have to deal with the consequences of that choice depending on which option you

Here is the recipe for happiness:  Make a choice by yourself, for yourself.  Set a goal by yourself, for yourself.  Set out on your journey by yourself, for yourself.  Achieve your goal by yourself, for yourself.  What will be at the finish line??  A sense of true SUCCESS and HAPPINESS!!

We don’t need anyone to be accountable to in order to truly live our lives.  We just need to recognize that we have control of ourselves and decide what we want out of life.  Once you do that, the future and your happiness is in the palm of your hand!!  Go get it!

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