Ready to lose the weight and change your life??? 

Great!  I am sorry to tell you, though, that it will take TIME.  Do not expect to be able to wake up tomorrow and be 191 lbs lighter and feel great. 

Accept that the process is a slow, learning process and there are NO QUICK FIXES- no magic pill, shake, sprinkle, juice, shampoo, “dietary supplement,” etc. 

You CAN NOT eat anything you want and still lose weight (and by “lose” I mean “forever gone,” not just “gone for today” and to be welcomed back with even more weight within the next few months to a year)…at least not at your current non-existent level of activity and not in the quantities that you are used to. 

You must CHANGE what you are doing.  You must start slow and make changes that you intend to stick with for the rest of your life.  You must MOVE YOUR BODY!!! 

You must MOVE YOUR BODY every day, not just when it is convenient and it looks good because your friend asked you to go for a walk or to the gym.  By EVERY DAY, I mean that you get up out of the chair/off of the couch and you find a way to MOVE YOUR BODY way more than you have been moving over the last 20+ years and you do that EVERY DAY!

Then you start slowly making dietary changes.  Do some research online, watch Food, Inc and Super Size Me, THINK about what the food that you are sticking in your mouth is really doing for you.  Is this food healthy?  Is this food going to give my body the best possible fuel or is it just satisfying what my brain thinks “tastes good”?  You will be shocked to learn that the food (whole, unprocessed fruits and vegetables and lean meats) that you think tastes boring or “yucky,” actually tastes really good when your body has been cleaned out of all of the processed, grease-filled, cheese covered junk that it is used to being fed.  You will also be amazed at how much better you feel in general and how you will start to crave…. yes, crave, those healthy whole foods and the old stuff that you used to love starts to make you feel sick at the mere sight and smell of it. 

You will have to accept that your body will fluctuate in size, weight, and shape.  Your body is constantly trying to be comfortable and find a point of homeostasis.  It wants to be comfortable.  However, if you want to lose weight, YOU want your body to be UNCOMFORTABLE all the time.  That is the only way to get your metabolism up and melt off those pounds. 

Finally, “I don’t have the money right now” is nothing more than an excuse!!!  Hear me when I say this: YOU DO NOT NEED ANY MONEY TO LOSE WEIGHT!  Walking down the street and up and down stairs is FREE.  Moving your body is free….don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot do this on your own.  (Sorry, Zach and my other trainer friends…)  YOU CAN!  I will admit that it is easier when you have someone telling you exactly what to do.  But it is also possible to do your own research and move your own body and get the same result, just in a little longer.

I know this post sounds kind of harsh, but I promised to tell the truth and nothing but the truth when I started my journey.  This is the truth.  I am still, as I always have been, willing to help anyone who wants my help.  First, though, I need you to help youself!

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One Response to “I’m ready! I’m ready!” (To tell the truth)

  1. Jessica Hughes says:

    Awesome! Simply awesome! I would add that when people are getting started they should consider a thought. Do you like potatoes plain? or do you like them with butter, cheese, sour cream and bacon? I have noticed that there are a lot of things I used to think tasted good and decided to try them plain. I actually do not like potatoes at all. I can confirm that I DO in fact like toppings. Just something to think about when you put food in your mouth. Do you like the food or the sauce or topping?

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