Have you ever done something outside of your comfort zone?

Have you ever taken a risk without knowing the outcome?

Have you ever taken a blind leap into the unknown and floated along on faith?

I have!  191 lbs later, I can tell you that it was the best decision of my life!  BUT, I have recently rejoined the comfort zone.  I have become comfortable in my new (since December 2010) job, comfortable (relatively) in my new body, comfortable with my new healthy eating habits, comfortable with my exercise plan, comfortable in my roles as wife and mother,… just plain comfortable.  Some would say that the comfort zone is a great place to be and, for a while, I would say that it is.  However, the only way to better yourself or make a change in your life is become UNcomfortable with your situation and go or be forced outside of your comfort zone.

I did some things this weekend that were definitely outside of my comfort zone!  For one, I painted!  I will say that I am the least artistically talented person EVER!  However, I LOVE my Jennie (who happens to be VERY artistically talented)!  So, we decided to take her to Creatively Yours for an evening of painting and cocktails (and some very yummy birthday cake compliments of Shannon).  After simply painting the background of the canvas, another classmate commented on both my canvas and Jennie’s canvas.  She said Jennie’s looked cool, because it looked like wood grain.  She then said that mine was perfectly the same shade of green all over the canvas.  I laughed and said, “She just described the difference in our personalities!”  The lady asked if I was a perfectionist and Heather (a friend since the age of 5) confirmed her suspicion.  I also admitted that being a perfectionist is my biggest fault.  Having admitted that, painting a picture of three witches’ hats was WAY out of my comfort zone and definitely something that I knew I would not be able to make perfect.  I, amazingly, was able to do better than I thought I would and I didn’t have as big of a “perfectionist” issue as I had anticipated.

The next morning, I decided to color my hair… I know, scary thought, especially if you know my history with hair color!  I used to experiment a lot, but since I began working in a court setting, I have tamed my experimentation.  Well… I decided to go RED… no, not the brownish-red that I usually go…. No, I decided to go RUBY RED!  Yes, my hair is RED… RUBY RED!  Definitely a color that I have never done before.  I have done everything from black (an attempt to cover a henna-gone-bad shade of fuschia), brown, Marilyn Monroe blonde, carrot top red, and every shade in between.  Here is to hoping I don’t frighten everyone at the Juvenile Court this morning…

I have also started adding more exercise into my day in the way of more stairs and walking up and down the parking deck at work.  While I am comfortable with the type of exercise, incorporating the additional amount of exercise is outside of my comfort zone.

Finally, I am looking for a way to make more money.  We have bills that need to be paid.  I was offered a wonderful opportunity last week that will definitely help, if I am able to accept the position.  There are a few things holding up the process at the present time, so we will see what happens.  Additionally, my book is hopefully nearing the completion stage…. Just a couple of more things to shake up the comfort zone.

If you have some extra time, pray for me and pray for big wonderful things to happen, if they are according to God’s will! 

In the meantime, get out of your comfort zone and do something that you never dreamed that you could do.  You will be surprised at what you can accomplish!  MOVE YOUR BODY and shake up your world!!!

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