“How did you get THAT way??”

Now, there is a question no one has asked me until today.  That doesn’t mean that I haven’t thought about the answer, though. 

When you watch all of the weight loss shows, it seems like all of the overweight and obese people are THAT way because of some tragedy that occurred in their lives.  Either they were raped or molested or their parents died at a young age or they lost their best friend or …. any other of a hundred equally as tragic stories.

Well, I am very sorry to report that I cannot and will not blame any of those scenarios for my wide waist line.   My story is as boring and simple as you can get.  First, I became LAZY!  As such, I failed to move my body adequately enough to burn the excess calories that I was consuming.  Secondly, I ATE TOO MUCH BAD FOOD!  I never ate too many apples or too much asparagus or way too many raw nuts.  No, I ate way too much McDonald’s, Checker’s, Taco Bell, <insert any other fast food joint with greasy, cheesy foods here> and every single one of the calories and fat grams stuck… to me… all over!!! 

Lastly, I think I was a victim of good self-esteem.  Don’t get me wrong, I am glad I had good self-esteem and I would not change that aspect of my life at all!  I always thought I was beautiful and even though I had a mirror and I DID see myself every day (yes, I knew I was fat), I still walked out of the door thinking that I looked GOOD.  I was proud of myself for my many accomplishments in life and I saw no reason to make myself feel bad just because I was bigger than most everyone else. 

I still feel that way today.  I still think I was beautiful at 372 lbs.  I still think that I am beautiful now, despite all of the hanging skin and the fact that most of my body looks like heavy, old theater drapes.  (With a few strategically placed clothes, no one would be the wiser.)  The difference is, now I understand what kind of damage I was doing to my body when I was eating all of the processed and fast foods.  Now, I feel 1000 times better and would not want to return to my old size for anything.

If you have never thought about that question- “How did you get THAT way??”- take some time this week and think about it.  Does your background include a tragic story?  If not, what are you waiting for?  Educate yourself on the fuel that you are putting in your body and only select the best.  And, for the sake of yourself and future generations, MOVE YOUR BODY!!! 

If your story does include a tragedy, maybe some professional counseling would help to move past that tragedy and on to a healthier you, both mentally and physically!  It is never shameful or a “bad thing” to seek professional counseling.  If you need it, get it!  It is a very bad thing; however, to not seek the help you need and end up losing your life or a large portion of it as a result of your pride.  Ask for help and move yourself and your body towards a wonderful new day!      

On another note: It is very liberating to get rid of old clothes that are now too big.  I cleaned out my drawers and closet again today and refilled about half of it with clothes in sizes 8/10/12 (thanks to Ms. Beverly Roylston, Shannon Heuermann, Heather Branscomb, and Jennie Hartzler) that, though some of them do not yet fit, they will very shortly.  It is exciting to know that I have broken through my “LAZY” and “EATING TOO MUCH BAD FOOD” barriers and to know how GREAT I feel!  Let me know if I can help you begin your journey…

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