Drew (AKA Drewbugg, Bugg, Buddy, Bubby, Buggy, etc- Mommy calls you too many things, I think),

We made it to your 3rd birthday!  I knew you would make it to today, but for a while, I wasn’t sure I would.  However, I have worked hard to ensure that you and I will get to celebrate all of your birthdays together for a very long time. 

As I type this, I am preparing to go for a walk.  My first pledge to you is that I will continue to work hard to keep myself in good physical shape.  I will continue to exercise and focus on being in the best shape possible so that I can be active with you for as long as God allows. 

Secondly, I pledge to continue to focus on healthy eating for all three of us, so that you grow up enjoying the fresh foods in life, fruits and vegetables especially.  I will continue to let you dictate when and how much you eat, so that you understand your power over food and do not grow-up feeling the obligation that I and your father feel to eat every crumb off of our plates.  I will teach you that food is simply fuel for your body and choosing the best possible fuel is paramount.

Thirdly, I pledge to focus on instilling in you a sense of giving back or paying it forward.  While we have been through some definite hardships over the last year and a half, we have truly been blessed and we will continue to help others as much as and to the extent that we can.   

Fourthly and most importantly, I will continue to teach you about and lead you closer to God.  We have frequent conversations and read stories about God and Jesus already and our birthday party for Jesus last Christmas was awesome!  We will continue those traditions and continue to teach you about the power of prayer.  It is AMAZING!

Lastly, I will teach you to dream.  Dream as big and as wildly as you can for yourself.  Once you have your dream in sight, I will teach you how to set goals to work towards that dream.  I will empower you to achieve your goals and fulfill as many of your dreams as you can.  Your hopes and dreams will always fit in your suitcase.  No matter where life takes you, take them with you!  Don’t lose focus and, through your determination, you will achieve them.

I am so very proud of you, Buddy!  You are smart and wise beyond your years.  Please keep learning and studying.  The world is yours for the conquering!  Have a wonderful 4th year of life!

I love you very much!


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One Response to To My Son on his 3rd Birthday

  1. Joyce says:

    Love this.

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