Have you ever noticed a small issue and started checking, only to discover that the issue is much larger than you anticipated?  That happened at work today.  Many of you saw my Facebook and Twitter post :

“I’m getting angry…You are not going to like me when I get angry!” – a shout-out to one of my favorite shows, “The Incredible Hulk”

I was even wearing GREEN today!

I was getting angry, but I noticed once I stopped to post that message that, except for slamming a couple of items on my desk, I really didn’t feel all that angry.  A well-timed lunch break also gave me time to think and develop a plan of action to handle my “hornet’s nest” of an issue.  As it has been told to me a couple of times over the last 16 months, my attitude and the way that I approach issues really has changed- to the point to where even I was shocked today at my controlled and calm behavior. 

When I stopped to think about why my behavior was so different, I discovered that I was looking at the issue in the same way that I would look at a hornet’s nest on my front porch.  It was a problem that had to be solved and handled before the issue grew any bigger.  Leaving it alone or covering it up would only cause more issues down the road.  So, I will spend the day tomorrow and most of next week cleaning up the “hornet’s nest” and providing a little education as to how to prevent another such “nest” from forming in the future.

I see my weight loss in a similar light.  At first, at 335 lbs in April 2010, I did not see that I had any problems at all.  Once I started walking to prepare for The Promise Walk for Preeclampsia 5K, I noticed that I was pretty out of shape and needed to work on my physical fitness.  As I began mastering the exercise portion of my life, I discovered that some of the food choices that I was making were hindering my progress towards a healthier and more physically fit life.  As I began making better food choices, I noticed that I was severely lacking in food and nutrition education.  Through learning more about food and nutrition, I have learned and began to notice how uneducated, both in nutrition and physical fitness, most of the people in the United States seem to be these days.  I have uncovered a HORNET’S NEST of grand proportions. 

I am working hard every day in my daily interactions with others and through my blog to educate and inspire others, one person at a time, about eating healthy and becoming more physically fit, while focusing on positivity and improving their overall happiness.  I am determined to clean-up this mess and take care of the issue before future generations have to deal with the repercussions! 

Will you help me?  Will you do your part to educate yourself and your children on healthy eating and the importance of daily exercise?  Will you spread the word and some inspiration to at least one person a day?  Will you lead by example and show others that it can be done and it is nowhere near impossible??  If you don’t know where to start, ask me!  I am here to help and only ask that you pay it forward in return.

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