Great news!  What I feared the most did NOT happen!  YEAH!!! 

I went out of town for a Girls’ Weekend and I decided to not count my calories or focus on getting in all of my exercise every day.  Once I made that decision, my head was flooded with the completely unrealistic fear that I would wake up and all of my 181 lbs that I have lost would be back.  I just knew that I would be in a size 30/32 again before Monday.  I believed that what seems everyday to be “too good to be true” really was “too good to be true.”  A fear that was completely and totally unrealistic and, thankfully, did not come true!

Me and Two of My BFF Girls! (Jennie, Me, and Shannon)

Fear… it drives us and holds us back all at the same time… fear of the unknown and fear of known possibilities. 

The truth and the reality is that I ate and drank a lot of things that I do not normally eat or drink.  They all tasted so good!  I have definitely felt a lack of energy, but because I ate good whole foods I did not feel sick or that icky-ness that I feel after eating fast food or processed foods.  I am sure that I ate too many milligrams of sodium and way too many calories.  I am sure that I did not get in all of the cardio or weight training that I would normally get in throughout a weekend.  However, I did incorporate a number of my Sneaky Exercises tips and we walked around furniture stores for hours!  (I should have turned on my pedometer or Endomondo and tracked my mileage.  I am sure it was a lot.)

Me (before allowing Jennie to cut and color my hair!)

The truth is I feel like I ate a ton and I know that I gained more than 5 lbs.  However, I also know another truth…I will get back on my plan tomorrow and I will lose the 5+lbs and more over the next couple of weeks.  I know that this break from the usual was actually very beneficial for my body.  It gave my knees and leg muscles a chance to rest a little and it gave a caloric shock to my system.  A shock that is sure to re-spark my metabolism and get this fat burning even more. 

Me (after Jennie cut, colored, and styled my hair)

A couple of my friends have remarked on Facebook and their blogs today about how they are getting discouraged because they either did not lose weight this week, gained a pound or two this week, or have been eating foods or quantities of foods that are not congruent with their current eating plan.   Let me address these concerns with this statement.  HAVE A LITTLE FAITH!  You are far stronger than you give yourself credit for. 

Me and Shannon in a "Chair and a 1/2"

If you are female, depending on the time of the month, your body will naturally gain 3-5 lbs no matter what you do.  You body is programmed to retain fluids during that time period.  Your body will crave more quantities of food and more sweet foods than you would normally consume.  Those cravings are hard to ignore and we often give in to them because they make us feel better.  However, once that week is over, your body will release those extra fluids and normally, if you continue to follow your healthy eating and exercise plan, your body will rebound and begin to lose weight again in no time.  It is a normal biological process.  Do not fight it and do not get discouraged by it.   

Additionally, you are allowed to have a break and have a little fun every now and then.  Your mental health days, we will call them.  My Girls’ weekends and Girls’ Nights are my mental health days.  They are not frequent, at least not as frequent as I would like, but when we get a chance to get together, I use those opportunities to take a break. 

Me relaxing at The Dump (a furniture store in Atlanta)

Please do not get discouraged with yourself when you gain a couple of pounds in a week.  If you are not sure why it is happening, look at what you have been eating.  Look at your MyFitnessPal food log and see what could be causing the increase.  How many calories are you consuming?  How much sodium have you consumed?  Look at your exercise habits.  How many calories are you burning?   To lose weight, you have to consume less than you burn.  Do your math! 

If all else fails, give it another week and then shoot me an email.  We will figure it out together!  Do not give up!  You have come way too far to turn back now.

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