People have had a lot of questions about my food recently.  So, I devised a small list of my favorite foods and the foods that I splurge on once a month or two.

Favorite Foods I eat on a regular basis

1)      Baby spinach

2)      Spring Mix lettuce

3)      Reduced fat blue cheese crumbles

4)      Extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar (as salad dressing)

5)      Perdue Shortcuts Southwestern Style Chicken Breast strips

6)      Squash and zucchini- pre-cut and washed from Kroger or Whole Foods

7)      Watermelon

8)      Navel oranges

9)      Plums

10)   Grapes

11)   Extra Sharp white cheddar cheese

12)   Babybel light cheese

13)   Claxton Farms fresh chicken breasts (local farm raised chicken breast)

14)   Asparagus

15)   Broccoli

16)   Vidalia Onions

17)   Quinoa

18)   Quinoa pasta

19)   Popchips

20)   Love Grown Foods Sweet Cranberry Pecan Granola/Raisin Almond Crunch Granola/Apple Walnut Delight

21)   Coconut Milk

22)   Dove Dark Chocolate Miniatures (for that occasional chocolate craving!)


Favorite Foods I splurge on once a month or so

1)      Cheese Pizza

2)      Smoked chicken wings with blue cheese dressing

3)      Turkey burger from Red Robin- YUM!

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