Any holiday season is usually wraught with anticipation of gaining 5-10 lbs from attending parties and eating and drinking tons of calories.  However, if your goal is to LOSE weight, your focus should be on ways to incorporate healthy eating and moving your body!

Yesterday, I knew at 2pm I was going to attend a 4th of July Cookout.  At 7am, I went for a 4.62 mile walk in order to get my exercise in for the day.  At 10:30am, I headed to the grocery store to purchase watermelon, 98% fat free turkey hotdogs, and Popchips to take to the party.  When I got home, I cut up the watermelon and mixed together some reduced fat sour cream and Fiesta Ranch dip mix (not for me to eat, but for the other guests to dip the Popchips into).  I also washed and prepared some freshly picked blueberries from my grandmother’s house to take with us, too.  When it was time to go, I packed a cooler with the watermelon, blueberries, turkey dogs, and fiesta ranch dip and grabbed the Popchips.  I also made sure to grab my insulated cup filled with ice and water.  (I take my ice water EVERYWHERE!!)

When we got to the cookout, the hosts of the party told me that I shouldn’t have brought so much, but my intention was to provide food that I would be comfortable eating, as well as provide some alternatives for the other guests.  Wine, beer, and soda were offered and available at the party, but since I had my water, I declined the offer. 

Additionally, while most of the guests were gathered in the kitchen around the food, I chose to stay in the living room or dining room area away from the majority of the snacky food.  I heard in passing that my chips and dip were a big hit.  Additionally, lots of people were heading for my turkey dogs.  I made a lot of trips around the kitchen/living room/dining room area, mostly because I was keeping an eye on my son, but also to avoid planting myself near all of the food. 

When all was said and done, I admittedly ended up eating about 10 strawberries (which were about 7 more than I would have eaten) because my son kept touching them!  I also decided that I wanted a cupcake, so after my son ate all of the icing, I ate the cupcake.  For dinner I had a hamburger (no bun) and a turkey hotdog (no bun) and watermelon.  I tried two of the Wasabi Doritos and had a couple of Popchips.  To my amazement, I was able to stay under my alloted calories for the day!

To sum it all up, whenever I go to a party or cookout or reunion, I bring food for me and enough extra to share.  I also bring my ice water and stick with it as far as drinks go.  If I want to try something at the party, I do, but I only try one or two bites.  (I use this trick anytime, actually.  If my husband is eating something that I want, I ask for a bite and that is enough to get the taste in my mouth and I am satisfied.)  I also plan to be active at the party/cookout/reunion- swimming if it is available, or bring some sports equipment or at least a ball so that I can play outside with my son.  If all else fails, we go for a walk or run around the yard after we eat to use up some energy.  I also make sure to get my exercise done for the day before I go to the party/cookout/reunion. 

  1. Be prepared- bring your own healthy food and water
  2. Share- bring enough healthy food to share with others
  3. Be active- before and during the event- get your daily exercise in before the event and plan to MOVE YOUR BODY during the event.
  4. Small bites of what you want- if you want something that you didn’t bring, eat a bite or two and move on.
  5. Stay out of the kitchen- don’t park yourself near the food.  Keep moving around the gathering and avoid staying near the main food area.

Following these tips, really will work!  In the last 4 days, I have LOST 3 lbs!  I have attended the gatherings/parties/cookouts and I have eaten what I wanted and I am still losing weight.

Decide today that you will NOT fall into the holiday weight gain at the next family gathering/cookout/reunion and use the tips above to ensure success!

If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT, too!!!

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