Dear Homeowners and Renters in my neighborhood,

As you have most likely seen over the last 15 months, I have lost a great deal of weight by walking on the sidewalks within our neighborhood.  Last year, I made this same plea, but I am not sure that you either remember or care. 

Therefore, I am asking again for six favors to assist me in losing the remainder of my weight and protecting me and my son from injury.

1)      Please do not put your trash cans and recycle bins on the sidewalk.  There is a strip of grass between the sidewalk and the curb that happens to be the perfect width for your trash can and recycle bin.  When they block the sidewalks, I am forced to either drive my son’s stroller through your nicely manicured lawn or in the street.  It is too dangerous to push him in the street, so your lawn will get it!

2)      If your property includes trees whose branches hang over the sidewalk, please cut them!  Your tree limbs should not slap me in the face or cause me to have to bend over or walk in the street to avoid being impaled by them.  This is especially dangerous when I am texting and walking/running.

3)      After you cut said limbs, please do not block the sidewalk with them.  Leaping over the large pile of branches is difficult and dangerous!

4)      When your children are finished with their toys- bikes, trikes, and basketball hoops- please make sure that they put them away anywhere on your property other than on the sidewalk.  Again, my hurtling skills do not allow me to properly leap over your kids’ toys while I am running down the sidewalk. 

5)      Please, please, please respect the LEASH LAW!  If you do not have a fenced-in yard, please buy a leash and USE IT!   I should not have to be followed, chased, and nipped at by your dog(s) while I am trying to walk or run.  I am not afraid of dogs, but I will promise that if your dog gets close enough to my foot or tries to bite me in any way, I will show you how well I can kick a football.  You will also see how well your dog can fly!  Maybe you will learn two lessons that day…

6)      FINALLY, I don’t know why your dogs believe that the sidewalk is the appropriate place to poop.  However, it is NOT the proper place!  As you have been reminded by the property management company on many occasions, you should be cleaning up after your dogs.  This is especially true if they happen to poop on the sidewalk.  Again, as I am walking and texting, I may not see the land mine and the last thing I need is poop on my New Balance!

Thank you so much for your assistance with these matters!

Your favorite neighbor,


PS- Please do not block the sideWALK with your vehicle or lawnmower/equipment, either.  THANK YOU!

Dear Gwinnett County, Walton County, and City of Loganville,

While I appreciate the sidewalks inside of my neighborhood a lot, I would LOVE to have sidewalks throughout the rest of Loganville. 

If there were sidewalks outside of my neighborhood, I would happily use my legs as my main mode of transportation to destinations within 5 miles of my house.  However, as it is, it is pretty dangerous to attempt to walk and/or run, especially with a small child, on the side of the road. 

Any help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated!


-A Citizen Wishing To Get Back To the Basics

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